Black Smoke

African Americans and the United States of Barbecue by Adrian Miller This potato salad is a keeper – the smashed…

Double Awesome Chinese Food

Concluding the #quarantinecookbookclub how it began w #doubleawesomechinesefood@meimeiboston my very favorite book of them all 🥰 On New Year’s day i decided to make…

The Essential Oyster

Final #quaratinecookbookfeast the day before 2nd vax! Kimchi ice FTW 🦪🦪🦪🦪🦪🦪

A Change of Appetite

Beans & greens w anchovy rosemary dressing using quarantine dried beans from 1 year ago 😭

The Nordic Kitchen

Lamb meatballs & turnips with sorrel 🌿 book from my Danish family @mariemarvelolofsen 💙

Bar Tartine

100 cookbooks down and only a few to go! Eggplant with tomato jam and spiced hazelnuts 🍅🍆

Land of Fish and Rice

Comfort food mood 💓 @fuchsiadunlop’s beautiful exploration of the Lower Yangtze region really made me appreciate how American Chinese food is…

Rosie’s Bakery

I call this “david chang doesnt need our $$” with @rosiesbakerygolden layers cake & cream cheese frosting – a design nod…

Martha Stewart’s Menus for Entertaining

@carlaphall’s lamb shepherd’s pie with feta & mint and @marthastewart48 endive salad for dinner and a movie with @collitosway💕 new @tinaturner doc @hbomax 🔥🔥🔥🔥