Vendor Profile: McDevitt Taco Supply

How did you get started in the restaurant business?

I have been cooking as long as I can remember, growing up in the kitchen cooking with my parents. When I turned fifteen, I got my start at a Culvers in Island Lake, IL and have been in the restaurant industry ever since, for nearly twenty years.

Why tacos?

I worked at a Tex Mex restaurant in Illinois, which led to a love for that style of cooking and inspired a simple taco stand. In 2010 I applied to vend on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO and took part in a cook-off for a permitted spot. My tacos won them over and I still hold that spot on the mall to this day. I asked the internet to name my taco stand and a good friend came up with McDevitt Taco Supply. While writing the mission statement, I started with “Super Heady and Delicious Tacos…” This evolved into my slogan/festival name, “Super Heady Tacos.”

When did you vend your first fest and Phish show?

In 2012 I vended at my first Phish show (Dick’s) and festivals, then in 2013 I expanded to Sanitas Brewing Company. I just opened my first restaurant in South East Boulder last year.

What is your advice to fellow entrepreneurs in the food business?

My advice is simple: if you love cooking, and feeding people is your passion, then try it out. Work on a food truck for a summer with back to back to back events, or work a music festival where its hot, windy, freezing and rainy all in one day. After a summer of events, partying and working your ass off, then ask yourself if you had any fun.

How do you source your ingredients?

My restaurant uses all local craft beer and alcohol. Reducing my carbon footprint and sourcing locally is one of my top goals. It was hard source sustainably starting out as a small food cart with limited capital, but now that the company is growing, I’m starting to make the connections to make it possible.

What is your best selling taco and craziest taco creation?

Our best selling taco is the Green Chilies and Chicken with chilies from Hatch, New Mexico and fresh chicken thighs. It’s the most methodical recipe we have and takes proper training to cook it just right. The Irish Corned Beef Reuben taco is a favorite in my quiver. It starts with beer-braised, slow cooked corned beef. I mix that with Sauerkraut and house made 1000 island dressing, then top with fresh cabbage tossed in a stout honey mustard. We do it every St. Patrick’s Day and occasionally throughout the year if enough people make special requests.

What is a favorite recent live music experience?

This year Camp Greensky was right after we vended at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL. It was located 5 hours north, so we decided to vend in the beautiful northwoods of Michigan with Greensky and an amazing lineup. The crowd, music, and location made it 1000% worth it.  

IMO Dicks’ is the best lot food scene in America. do you have anything special planned for Dick’s lot over the Labor Day run?

I will have to agree that Dick’s has the best lot scene that I have ever been to. You can get gourmet food, craft beer all over the country, and an entire night of fun in a rice crispy treat – all from just walking down one row!! We will be out in full force for Dick’s. I have a new cart and we’ll throw some classics and fun, new items in the mix. As always, when you buy four Super Heady Tacos, you will get a free Dab from our neighbors on lot, Uncle Jonny’s Dab emporium.

You can find McDevitt Taco Supply on Instagram @tacosupply, in Boulder on the Pearl Street Mall and at their restaurant in Boulder, as well as Sanitas Brewing Company. Super Heady Tacos will also be at Gem and Jam, WinderWonderGrass, Sonic Bloom, The Ride Festival, Arise, Colorado Kind Festival, and my personal favorite fest, Summer Camp every Memorial Day Weekend.




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