Pour one out for Uncle @anthonybourdain and Bill Coughlin. Tonight begins my father’s yahrzeit, the 21st anniversary of his death. We are getting takeout from his fave @mrbartleys – Bourdain has a definitive guide to burger making in #appetitescookbook

Tony’s zeal for life spills off these pages filled with his own classic cannon of meats, pastas, and the sweets section says “fuck dessert” – instead recommending stilton 🧀 & port 🍷 

He lived for a while in Provincetown, which is why this recipe spoke to me- the perfect thing to make down the Cape with fresh littlenecks. So simple and rustic but somehow still elegant, light and loaded with leeks but luxurious with the richness of chorizo. Served with sourdough 🍞 to soak up the tomato broth 🍅 

Bourdain’s death hit so hard for me not only because he was my hero, but also my own family’s experience with death due to depression and addiction. But instead of dwelling on his tragic end, besties @ericripertand @chefjoseandres want us to celebrate his birthday, June 25 and #BourdainDay is now an annual holiday in my home. Cheers to you, Tony and Bill 🍻

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