Culinary Vietnam

Next up in the #quarantinecookbookclub Culinary Vietnam by Daniel Hoyer. In the intro he asks, why does he have the authority to speak to this cuisine as a white guy? And he doesn’t! He just loves the food and lived there. The book is filled with beautiful photos and simple recipes. 

Clay pot caramel sauce is one of my favorite dishes when dining out (in the before times) usually with catfish. I’ve never made it at home, but it was so easy! Tom Kho 🦐 The caramel sauce was a cinch and it came together in under 20 mins- perfect timing along with @priyakrishna microwaved basmati. 

The sleeper hit was the Bi Do Ham Dua- pumpkin in coconut milk. I used acorn squash on hand from my @katsiroubasbros box and this incredibly easy one-pot side dish almost stole the show 🎃

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