Double Awesome Chinese Food

The #quarantinecookbookclubcommenced with #DoubleAwesomeChineseFood of course! My most beloved book by far (i’m biased) filled with dishes i’ve consumed hundreds of times, but many recipes i’ve never attempted! 

Like watching @ireneshiangli@mei23@andrewsli make dumpling dough for years, but never trying myself. Last night i did it! Hot water dough was SO easy! Folding the dumps took more skill than store bought wrappers so i wasnt happy with my pleats BUT knew (from taking about 88 dumpling classes) that it’s the same dough as scallion 🥞!! So switched recipes and had 2 dinners💯

I know lots of you guys are not in the Boston area, but if you want a taste of @meimeiboston in your very own kitchen, look no further 🥰 and find this on the interwebs/ask your local, independent book store. Also follow @foodwastefeast for the next book! Chinese food with cheese 🧀 for life!! 🥟🥟🥟

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