I realized that i owned no cookbooks written by Black women and was appalled. So figured i would call myself in rather than pretend otherwise and rectify the situation with books by Leah Chase @dookychaserestaurant@drjessicabharris, and @tonitiptonmartin. Jubilee is one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever seen – all informed by @tonitiptonmartin’s collection of 400 cookbooks by Black authors. The recipes leap off the page, brought to life by recounting hundreds of years of history and culinary heritage. 

This Red Rice seemed like the perfect place to start. With few ingredients prepared in minutes, it is somehow bursting with so much flavor that you don’t need any other dish to go with it. Just a big bowl and a spoon. I couldn’t put this book back on the shelf, so it moved to the night table for bedtime reading. Listen to The Walk In podcast with @elle_simone_scott for more of @tonitiptonmartin’s own journey and a wonderful conversation about food and life.

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