Malibu Farm

It’s hard not to resent people in California during winter. Leafing through these sunny recipes made me feel even more bitter than usual for January in Massachusetts. This book was a gift after a wonderful trip to LA a few years ago for thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite places to eat and explore, and this book does capture the hippie spirit of LA without being too crunchy. 

This swiss chard salad was a hit – you massage the leaves with oil to break down the rawness. Chard is much more delicate than the raw kale salads ive had, so does not need much tossing to get tender. The pepitas were candied with honey and sprinkled with a handful of cranberries. 

We served this with a @smokingtedsbbq wagyu beef @crowdcow with ground pepita and poblano sauce. Eaten bundled head to toe next to our fire pit on a balmy 27 degree day. Not quite LA but making the best of the dead of winter!

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