Mixtape Potluck

I’m suspicious of any baked dessert involving less than a stick of butter. This is due to growing up in a home with lots of @snackwellsbrandcookies (i would flee to @mancusi618’s house for all the milanos and double stuff oreos). Swipe for a blueberry crisp recipe from one of my parents 90s spa trip cookbooks. It was actually good all mixed together with ice cream and whipped cream, but that’s cheating- the crisp should be able to stand alone. Only ONE TBS of butter made for dry topping, but the blueberry mix was nice and lemony. The book is well intended, but so dated. 

This sad dessert experience fueled a do-over and i got everything i was missing in this “Blueberry Crunch Cake” aka DUMP CAKE by @jessicabiel in @questlove’s book of his friend’s recipes paired with a playlist for culinary inspiration. Oooey, gooey, super sweet with a base of crushed pineapple giving a surprise burst of layered flavor under blueberries. No bowls required! The joy of dump cake is just that- dumping it all in. Takes 2 min to prepare, featuring yellow boxed cake mix and you guessed it! A FULL STICK OF BUTTER 🙌🏻

Thx @kcdubbs for sending me this!! @marthastewart48 wrote the intro, so you know it’s going to be good. All the recipes look incredible with big, bold flavors – there’s even a late night munchies section! If you love food and music, you need this book 🎶

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