Myers + Chang At Home

From one of our favorite restos in Boston @myersandchang🥢 @smokingtedsbbq swears by a few noodle recipes in this book but i wanted to try a new one. Ginger scallion crab stir fry- the noods were supposed to be deep fried, but i boiled in an attempt to make it lighter. Big mistake. It didnt have the right texture and came out bland overall. 

We are a @foodwastefeasthousehold so no recipe goes to waste! Leftovers were an ok cold salad, but good call by @cookingwithcannedice to make fresh rolls – also added some carrot sticks and crispy shallots for that CRUNCH i missed by not deep frying the noods. 

Lots of other dishes in this book i want to try, especially red miso carrots 🥕the best part of this book is all the master sauces 🍜

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