Nothing Fancy

Do you deserve to be cancelled outright for saying something stupid/offensive? Imo no. And for nonstop performative allyship in the wake of BLM? Maybe. What does cancel culture say about our life on the internet? Tbd. I still love @alisoneroman recipes, because she’s insufferable, but her food is irresistible. And @chrissyteigen did forgive her- but dont ever come for @cravingsbychrissyteigen again or @cookingwithcannedice will cut you bitch 🔪 

The Roman takedown was absolutely delicious. Watching the prom queen of food with her foot in her mouth was exactly the distraction i needed from the world fucking falling apart. It sparked a conversation about cultural appropriation in food that was necessary and she certainly groveled for her sins in the public square of instagram to my glee. Then she went out of with a bang – not being asked back to @nytcooking(we can only assume) and having the #1 most popular recipe on the site for 2020. 

A dear friend sent me this book and perusing the pages – after hiding it at the bottom of my shelf since The Interview lol- was like getting together with an old pal. Immediately the dishes sucked me in and on a night of such existential dread that nothing sounded good for dinner, she delivered with this caccio e pepe 🧀 adult mac & cheese dream. It took 5 mins of prep and was ready in 25 to be devoured with abandon. Her “ode to steamed broccoli” was also right on the money, doused with lemon, sprinkled with hot pepper and flaky salt. Yes, I’ll keep reading her narcissistic newsletter and cooking reliably from her books, because while often irritating, Alison Roman is still simply irresistible. Shabbat shalom 🤗

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