Plenty More

 my matron saint 🙏🏻 we’re shopping as infrequently as possible these days, so a well stocked pantry + whatever produce and frozen protein we have on hand, + the amount of effort i can handle = the recipes i pick. Knowing what you can swap (like these canned limas instead of favas) is a fun challenge and having some parameters actually makes me feel more inspired! 

Was so excited to see a recipe starring lettuce hearts, since i had some from my @katsiroubasbrosbox! @ottolenghi coming through as always with insanely creative vegetable porn FTW. Lightly stewed beans, peas, and lettuce with parmesan lemon basmati is something i would have never come up with on my own! Returning to beloved cookbooks – and cracking some ive owned for years but never used- is turning into the ultimate choose your own adventure 🤓

Follow @foodwastefeast to eat like a quarantine queen and get excited for their new cookbook coming soon!!

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