What To Have For Dinner

Risotto was the first *real* dish i learned to cook. I was 20 years old studying in Florence with @mariemarvelolofsen@chicagotrailcoach and called my mother to ask for a recipe. So simple, yet it’s the #1 dish people get kicked off for on @bravotopchef! The al dente rice must be perfectly cooked and served still soupy so it spreads all over the bowl. 

This @marthastewart book was my mother’s from the beginning of my @marthastewart48 obsession in 3rd grade. It is so 90s with European-inspired, simple menus for each season. This recipe called for steaming/mashing the squash before adding to the raw arborio, which gave it a chunky texture and beautiful orange color. It said grate fresh nutmeg and i only had pre-ground, which ended up being too strong a flavor. 

Gorgeous butternuts grown by @teamblozz in our backyard garden 🧡

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