Wicked Good Barbecue

Last night i could not process the news so baked a personal pan of Jiffy 🌽 to go with this chili. 

Book by @andyhusbands belongs to @smokingtedsbbq and was instrumental getting him started on his Lang smoker. I picked a simple yet intriguing recipe for chili with a full can of chipotle in adobo and 6 TBS of chili powder 🌢

As stated in the book, this Texas style chili should never have beans or tomatoes and β€œeats dry.” Way too dry for me but the intense heat was rather addicting and i found myself going back for more bites while sweating profusely. 

Tonight am adding the πŸ… & beans I was craving to the leftovers- sorry, Texas πŸ€— 

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