From Curries To Kebabs

All hail Madhur the OG Kween of Indian cuisine πŸ› in this book she traces curries around the globe, starting with a brief but riveting culinary ethnography of the subcontinent, following the diaspora of the curry style from south africa to japan to πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ . This book is her personal collection of curry recipes from around the world on her many travels.

She defines curry the British way of any dish with spices and sauce – in India, dishes are referred to by regional name in dialect, with endless variety of wet and dry styles. But Madhur gives the Brits their due for spreading curry love far and wide through imperialism.

Every recipe has a story and this one is for Punjabi potato and cauliflower. You add 2.5 cups of water right at the very end of cooking, which initially left a rather bland, soupy sauce. But as leftovers, the broth thickened up. I had some favorite chutneys and peshwari naan saved from  @shanti_boston the BEST that i froze after takeout at the holidays exactly for a moment like this, turning a quick vegetable dish into a feast. This book is one i am so glad to have rediscovered and will come back to again soon πŸ’•

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