Mastering The Art Of French Cooking

Queen Julia! I was intimidated to crack this one open, such a hallowed tome- my mother’s copy which she maybe got from her mother. “No one can see you in the kitchen!” Truly my mantra for cooking and entertaining. If the potato pancake flips out the side of the skillet, just shove it back in and keep cooking!

This is a metaphor for life of course. Now more than ever when life feels like one giant latke flop. @roslindalefarmersmarket i got duck legs @lilachedgefarm that sounded perfect for Julia so i adapted from her recipe for a full duck. Otherwise i followed it to the letter, braising red cabbage with 🍷🥓🥕 for 3 whole hours (!!) in the oven, then another 1.5 adding the duck after browning the legs in fat. Though very hygge having the stove on all afternoon, im not sure it changed the flavor that much. But my duck turned out perfectly cooked!

Of course julia was partially the inspo for this project- the wonderful book julie & julia chronicles a frazzled woman’s quest to cook through all of mastering the art to give her life meaning… it me. The movie adaptation is half brilliant with meryl as Julia and half irritating with amy adams as the cook. But delightful nonetheless. 

Next time you feel like youve fallen flat on your face, put on your best julia voice and channel that mantra!

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