New England Soup Factory

@newenglandsoupfactory! One of our family favorites since it opened in brookline in 1995. I distinctly remember getting this porcini soup with my mom… taking it home on a rainy day was such a warm, fuzzy feeling. And you could ask for little sample soups like flavors at @jplicks So many kinds to choose from, but we would always come back to the chicken noodle. 

The recipe im making tonight takes 4.5 hours so I figured i would whip up a soup while it braised! The inspo was These shrooms from @hillsidemushroomsllc in little compton RI i got @roslindalefarmersmarket Such a decadent treat! Marjorie Drucker says that this is perfect with any Christmas entree, because it tastes so celebratory.

The soup factory is still going strong, now in Newton, MA 🍜🍜🍜

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