Twelve Months of Monastery Soups

It’s surely 🍜 weather tonight! Good thing we have a vat from this book. The last month felt pretty monastic… Daily meditation, not drinking, not leaving the house… 

I found this @myopicbookstore one of the best used bookstores worldwide! I used to live a few blocks away in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago and would stop by on the way home to browse and visit their cats. I remember squealing with delight finding this book because I LOVE SOUP. The recipes are organized by season with quotes and illustrations. Though the soups are simple, they all look delicious, celebrating the bounty of each month. 

We went a little nuts with the πŸŽƒ purchasing last fall and had a couple that needed to go. I asked @foodwastefeast’s professional opinion if one was still good and she gave me her blessing to compost but i pressed on, following a recipe for pumpkin soup. It turned out painfully bland, so added some corn and blended to make a chowder. (This is a different hopefully more promising pumpkin pictured) Heating up a thermos now to send @smokingtedsbbq out to plow ❄️❄️❄️ 

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