Madame Wong’s Long Life Chinese Cookbook

This book looked so old and said “specially designed for the electric wok” which i dont own, so was skeptical. But this has been one of my favorites so far! It was surely one of my mother’s or grandmother’s books. The author, Madame Wong was a spry 72 yr old in 1977 when this was published, dispensing not only her trove of recipes, but also life advice. The book is illustrated in beautiful line drawings, peppered with pearls of wisdom that read like what you wish fortune cookies could be:

“In life, there is a bouncing back of things; if you have deep sorrow, then you will have great joy.” 

Madame Wong taught cooking for decades, with the philosophy of mixing a variety of fruits and veggies, no overcooking to preserve nutrients, a balance between protein and veg, and aesthetic satisfaction. 

She had the perfect recipe to honor @smokingtedsbbq’s new skills as a microgreens and sprouts farmer. This @crowdcow beef and bean sprout stir fry took me right back to a flavor from childhood… going to hibachi with my grandparents in florida 🥢 We ate over udon with a dusting of peanuts and hot sauce for me of course. Under the recipe it said: 

“Do not keep eating until your stomach is full. Reserve 30 percent.” 

If only i could be this balanced 🙏🏻

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