Olive Trees and Honey

This is how beans deserve to be treated! A “tagine el Hummos” – Tunisian chickpeas with greens takes pantry staples and turns them into a luxurious stew. It is thickened with bread toasted in olive oil, blended, and combined with cumin seeds, peppercorns and harissa. My favorite part of the recipe is the EIGHT garlic cloves!! Four blended with the bread and 4 simmered whole then removed (i saved them and used for salsa). It makes amazing leftovers and i’ve been spooning over couscous or eating with pita and salad. 

My mom got me this book when i was first embracing vegetarian cooking senior year of college. I remembered that eating veggie felt so freeing – as long as i could cook, i would always be satisfied by delicious food while feeling happy and healthy. This book is a beautiful exploration of Jewish cuisine around the world through the lens of vegetarianism. 

Over the last month ive been feeling so much better physically (not mentally! The seasonal depression quarantine struggle is real!!!) which could be due to a few factors: dry january (ugh) or @smokingtedsbbq’s new green smoothie obsession which seems to have mercifully passed, but i think it is that the cookbook quest has brought me back to that feeling of freedom through vegetarian cooking. I absolutely love meat and am married to a bbq pitmaster so no one is going vegan over here any time soon, but if we do eat meat it’s almost always from a sustainable source. And when it’s me deciding what to make, i will always be happiest when cooking something veggie 🤗🍅🍆🥦🥬🥒🌶

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