The Complete Guide to Jewish Cooking

Back in the shtetyl this 🥣 would have been huge! Mixed mushroom solyanka from my Russian Jewish ancestors 🍄 the highlight of my life this winter is bundling up to sling @meimeiboston dumps @roslindalefarmersmarket and we set up shop next to @hillsidemushroomsllc -,this has brought such a variety of fresh shrooms into my life every week and i cant go back. 

With 5 different kinds, i wanted a recipe that could let them all shine instead of slathering with cream or hiding in a lasagna. This soup was abolutely perfect and so unexpected – the base of chopped pickle caught my eye because we have a jar of homemade half sours from the summer garden cukes that are probably dangerously fermented at this point. Plus more pickling from capers and olives to garnish, but the shrooms still starring with all their different shapes and textures distinct. 

The recipe said offer boiled 🥔 on the side – an 🥚 would also be perfect. This is the food my great grandparents would have had before coming to Canada. So soul satisfying and delicious 🕎

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