Flour, too

Asian people are experiencing racism and violence. Constant stories of attacks, including against the elderly, are in the news daily. Americans love Asian food, but xenophobia persists and has grown exponentially since one year ago when people wanted someone to blame. We must continue to support these communities, support their businesses and speak up. 

One of the things i miss the most about Chicago is Mon Lung on Ashland and Augusta. Their hot and sour is the perfect mix of mushrooms, pork, sweet/salty/sour/spicy. I haven’t found one that rivals it, but this recipe is a keeper- it is from the @flourbakeryandcafe “Flour, too” cookbook by @joannebchang and is her mother’s recipe. Shrooms from @hillsidemushroomsllc 🐖 from @lilachedgefarm hedge and local JP tofu from village market in Rozzie 🙏🏻

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