King Solomon’s Table

Hamantashengate by @thisneedshotsauce via @joe_rosenthal inspired this Purim baking! It honestly never occurred to me that anyone didnt like hamentashen – are they all created equal? Of course not. Have i had some dry, kinda sad hamantashen at Hebrew school in my temple basement? Definitely but a fresh poppy seed one @kupelsbagelshits the spot!! 

I made the jam using dried apricots which turned out amazing 😍 tried an experimental one with maple cream, walnuts and chocolate chips which wasn’t as successful, too dry. The dough is super flaky thanks to 2 sticks of 🧈 🧈

Joan said this recipe is from a friend’s grandmother who fled Europe in the 30s for Israel and every year would send them to all her grandchildren. I am thinking of my grandmother this week and after the most recent @selena_podcast episode everyone should go call their grandma 😭💕

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