The Classic Italian Cookbook

When all else fails, slow simmered beans with multiple pork products is good for the soul. Marcella Hazan lived in my grandmother’s condo building on Longboat Key, FL in retirement. I remember transcribing an interview with her while interning at @nprweekend and she told Scott Simon that she didnt trust other people’s olive oil, so carried her own in her purse when she went out to eat, just like me and @ireneshiangli at the Busy Bee with @bobosmountainsugar🍁

Marcella said feel free to improvise with this “Italian cassoulet” so i used green cabbage instead of red and added some forgotten turnips, used defrosted @honeybaked_ham instead of salt pork, and topped with a little parsley pesto. This is comfort in a bowl, perfect for a cold, miserable night when winter feels like it will never end 😭

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