101 Easy Asian Recipes

I used to treasure my @luckypeach collection and now am embarrassed to own this cookbook. But can’t erase the past! Does the tyrannical, abusive leadership of one person invalidate a whole brand? For what was arguably the most exciting food publication of its time, feels like yes in this case. Which is sad. A lot of excellent writing and reporting went into those magazines, which was then tarnished by the truths revealed in the reckoning of the food world with racism and misogyny. 

This Korean comfort food recipe for doenjang jigae is a keeper, even if i feel conflicted about using this book. Tofu bathed in miso and dashi with bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and other veg (zucchini recommended but i had cabbage instead) with such a smoky, luxurious pork flavor. 

It’s been a spicy week for conversations about cultural appropriation within the Asian community- check out @joe_rosenthal’s story highlights on @thegodofcookery. Who gets to say what is authentic? Peter Meehan editing this book of “101 Easy Asian Recipes”? Certainly there are no simple answers, but we should all be consuming conscientiously.

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