Cooks Illustrated & The Silver Palate

Venturing into spring flavors with ginger carrot soup and curried apple slaw 🥕🥕🥕 The Silver Palate is a classic published the year i was born 1984 – two friends share their favorite recipes from running a catering biz together, interspersed with musings and line drawing illustrations. It is charming and very 80s, organized by season. The book starts with spring and im at the point of the year where im just starting to allow myself to believe in life after Massachusetts winter again. The soup called for 3/4 stick of butter (!!) which i cut to a couple tbs and it was still rich. 

Curried cabbage carrot apple slaw made with the @testkitchen hallmark of technique, salting and sugaring the cabbage to drain for hours before tossing with dressing. It is a great trick to get the crunch but break down the rawness. This book is one of @smokingtedsbbq favorites – if i know someone owns no cookbook, ill send them @markbittman how to cook everything and this ATK to represent two schools of thought: @tweedycat vs @teamblozz đŸ“–đŸ“–

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