Helen Chen’s Chinese Home Cooking

If you love Asian food, speak up for Asian people. If you don’t feel comfortable posting (the majority are social lurkers, not creators), find another way to be an ally like having a difficult conversation with a friend or donating to your local Asian community orgs. Read @ireneshiangli’s reflection yesterday to understand how someone else might be feeling. 

This was my mom’s cookbook and Helen Chen dedicated it to her mother, Joyce Chen. She writes how Joyce dreamed they would write a book together, but her mother became progressively more ill with Alzheimer’s before it could become a reality. These delicious dan dan noodles made me miss the ones that used to be on the menu @meimeiboston. Helen writes, “We can’t recapture our past or change our destiny, but with my mother’s recipes I truly feel that she has actually been with me, leading me through the maze of her recollections, stories, traditions, experiences, and food that she once prepared.” ❤️

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