I promised myself no new ones till the #QuarantineCookBookClubis over but broke down to buy @priyakrishna#Indianish ❤️ this book is a tribute to her mom Ritu Krishna with her quick, easy, flavorful and fun Indian American home cooking, along with family stories and beautiful Desi pop art illustrations by @hatecopymade this mini spread last week 😍

Kaddu (sweet and sour butternut squash) was the dish that inspired this book with a crave-able agodolce flavor. You can eat with puri, roti, or i used a @meimeiboston scallion pancake for scooping. She recommended serving alongside Alo Ka Rasa (spicy 🥔 🍅 soup) and I absolutely loved this dish too- both taste so comforting, like how i feel when my mom would make me matzoh ball soup. Had some 🥬 left over from St Paddys so also whipped up Punjabi Cabbage from this very comprehensive and colorful little book i got in Florence 15 years ago.

Cant recommend Indianish enough! So many gems, i cant wait to revisit these recipes. It inspired me to use a wider variety of spices and use Ritu’s techniques to whip up a delicious dinner in a flash 💥

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