Molly On The Range

Spring vegetable hot dish by the queen of casseroles @mollyyehfrom #MollyOnTheRange just when i was starting to lose steam on the cookbook challenge passing mile 13 of this culinary marathon, a moment of @foodwastefeast inspo reminded me how much FUN i have throwing together scraps to make magic in the kitchen. 

After a beautiful, muddy day at #CampLangdonNH spectating while @smokingtedsbbq made maple syrup 🍁 and a long drive back to Boston, i had nothing in the fridge except for a slightly sad bunch of dinosaur kale. Molly to the rescue with this perfectly seasonal dish thrown together with defrosted extra ricotta leftover from a lasagna, cheddar, green onions, frozen peas, + kale, enrobed in a flour/milk broth (instead of cream of mushroom soup) w panko parmesan topping. I used couscous instead of quinoa cause thats what i had and it turned out perfectly- melty, cheesy veg with a crunchy topping. Mmmmmm 🌱

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