Double Awesome Chinese Food

Concluding the #quarantinecookbookclub how it began w #doubleawesomechinesefood@meimeiboston my very favorite book of them all 🥰

On New Year’s day i decided to make 1 recipe from each one of my 100+ cookbooks before the end of quarantine. I needed a project to channel my extrovert in hell energy/anxiety/existential dread and during the darkest depths of Massachusetts winter, these books transported me around the world. It gave me a lens to think about representation and talk about racism- even with a diverse collection, i had to call in my own blind spots like realizing i did not own any books by Black women. It let me find my voice to speak up about #StopAsianHate 🍜 Much as i love @nytcooking, my own bookshelf knew me better than any algorithm ❤️

It gave me a new @foodwastefeastchallenge with whatever produce was on hand guiding the recipe selection 🥦🥬🥒🫑 This affirmed that vegetarian cooking makes me happiest and i should be true to that, even being married to passionate carnivore @smokingtedsbbq 🍖 And it confirmed that i HATE baking and have no business working with dough – leave that to the professionals @clearflourbread 🥖

4 months and 111 cookbooks later, this crazy side hustle for my own amusement comes to a close just in time to get vaccinated and embrace my best post quarantine LIFE. Thanks friends for humoring me always and in the words of Queen Julia, bon appétit! 😘

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