Malibu Farm

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an: to eat

Vietnamese cuisine and culture has been an obsession for many years, culminating in our epic honeymoon seeing the country from … More


Pour one out for Uncle @anthonybourdain and Bill Coughlin. Tonight begins my father’s yahrzeit, the 21st anniversary of his death. We are … More

Mixtape Potluck

I’m suspicious of any baked dessert involving less than a stick of butter. This is due to growing up in … More

What To Have For Dinner

Risotto was the first *real* dish i learned to cook. I was 20 years old studying in Florence with @mariemarvelolofsen@chicagotrailcoach and called … More

Plenty More

@foodwastefeast my matron saint 🙏🏻 we’re shopping as infrequently as possible these days, so a well stocked pantry + whatever produce … More

Nothing Fancy

Do you deserve to be cancelled outright for saying something stupid/offensive? Imo no. And for nonstop performative allyship in the … More

Food Matters

Oh Bitty, my imaginary Jewish uncle. So grumpy, but so lovable. @markbittman books taught me to cook and remain the foundation of … More

Joy of Cooking

THE Joy! The most popular American cookbook (18 mil copies sold) was written by Irma S. Rombauer in 1931. After … More