The Photographer’s Cookbook

This book is a gem- a “time capsule of the 70s” with recipes from famous photogs like Ansel Adams’ “eggs poached in beer.” In 1977 an assistant @eastmanmuseum assembled a collection of recipes from photographers with the intention of a book, but it never happened and was forgotten. Then 35 years later it was discovered and published! 

It is a funny mix of recipes with some very basic meat and potatoes fare and a smattering of “International” dishes. And potato chip 🍪 were a thing long before @milkbarstore ! Between dishes, the photographs and quotes transport you to a different era. 

Only one recipe really called to me- Cole Weston’s “California Beef and Barley” was delicious, so easy to whip up quickly to be served in a pita with yogurt. Added a handful of greens for crunch and sprig of cilantro 🌿

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